What’s changed?

I ask myself the question everyday, “what’s changed”?, but then my reply is always the same. It’s either nothing “same ol, same ol”. To be honest im tired of this response.  I need something to change and change for my good. There is so much that i want to accomplish but seem to be getting no where, but then i think about my many blessings and “God” as been mighty good to be. So now instead of asking “what’s changed”? I would simpy reply “my life has changed everyday that i wake up I’m blessed to be on another task in my life, and I am able to accomplish them within my right mind”. So when you know that there is something bigger then you, you learn to understand the question “What’s Changed”? To simple “what was your blessing for the day”!in your life.



Looking out the Window

Every morning i would get my son up for school, of course he gives me a hard time since him and his brother like to play at night when ots bedtime. But once he is ready for school and to go out to the corner for the bus, I would sit in the window to watch go off into this crazy world. While he’s walking im praying that God keeps his arms wrapped around my child from those that could bring him harm. Amen! Then once he is gone i would still be looking out the window and to wonder what challenges will I face today.?  Well until then i guess I will make breakfast for me and the younger one!


So i never been good with understanding my dreams but this one kindof hit me. So i was taking a nap after dealing with medical issues all week and in this dream there was people around me as thought they were happy to see me doing so good. But what got me the most was when i hugged my auntie. Now ive always thought that i was affectionate but after this dream it made me feel like i wasn’t as much as i should be. I hugged her so tight i didn’t wanna let go of her.  She even said some things in the dream that stuck with me when i woke up. She said “im your auntie although in very young!lol .”(this she always pointed out) ” I love you very much” well after that I woke up. So now all day i though to myself the next time in the present of my auntie that is only 9 years older then me. I will hug and tell her just how much I love her back. Today in that dream i seen how very blessed i was to have good people in my corner.


So ive been waiting for  test result to come back from doctors and no word. Its scary not knowing what’s going to happen or if anything is even happening at all. Im scared but i also trust and god. More reason on why now it time to live life and not stress out about the things i have no control over.

Team Beach Body

I am OFFICIALLY a Beachbody coach and couldn’t be more excited about it! I would love nothing more then to help you and/or members of your friends/family circle to reach their health and fitness goals. In the past it was always hard for me to finish a workout and diet routine because I had nobody to check in on me or hold me accountable. With this program, I will help motivate and encourage you to continue towards your goals. I will be REAL and honest with you! If you or anyone you know would be interested please comment. I would love for you all to join me on my journey to a better, healthier and happier life!” —


So when you see the word random you will be reading  into my mind because they will consist  of the thoughts  that i may have at that moment. So here is the first thought,  I want to be  the women that is with her husband  and 20 years from now as we change into the woman and man that we may become i want him to still love me they way he do now but 10x ‘s more. Ohh now thats Love!


So the weekend was amazing. I had the chance to sleep in and enjoy  fun with my honey. The children  stayed behind  to hang with the grandparents.  439 well thats the room number that we shared moments and laughter. Can’t wait to go away again but it was time to leave  439 behind  and come back to reality. Waking up early  getting kids ready for school and finishing  off my homework  as well. It is always a blessing when we as adults  can take time away and spend it with the one person that help you  make reality all worth it!