Sitting here thinking, alone isn’t  so bad meaning husband gone with his friends and kids are in there rooms watching tv and i have my room all to myself. The best feeling after a long day. Now maybe an hour feom now im gonna wish they pay my some attention.


Who am I?

This question was asked of me for a class presentation. Although  i know who i am how do you some up all the years of your life in ten slide. Do i just give the good or should there be some bad? What i have learned  is that The self which was the topic of the presentation is so much more. Understanding self esteem, self concept, self efficacy.


“?  Give me a brief in the comments if u will!

The King of Love❤

The heart that he was born with is so big. He has always seen the good in those that didnt see it themselves. Just to look in his eyes you know that he cares no matter what wrong you may have caused. The baby boy of the family but to them he’s the big little brother. Helpful in all ways imaginable. The one from a women’s perspective ” if he respect his mother,he will respect you”. Well that goes with out saying being that he is ” The King Of Love”. Never just thinks of himself but been told many of times that he should. With a heart like his im so glad that I could become the Queen of his heart. Night


So now that you have gotten the one who has taking everything from you and you put them where they have put you once what do you now? I guess its never over even after seeking revenge.

Missing out on love ones!

That moment when you realize that you have been left out of someones important  moment in their life just hurts my heart. Even the small things count but all you can do is move on and hope that you dont miss anything else.  I feel like i haven’t  seen  my baby brother in months, and i dont know whats new  going on. Maybe i have to do better instead of  assuming  he is do busy for me. Love ones are important  to me. Lata L.

Tv moment

Watching revenage  and to know that someone will go through  and do anything  to get back at someone that took everything  away from them. I know that if i was in the situation  where everything was talking from me i would do anything to get it back. Knowing  that your father ,mother, best friend,  and being able to bear children …. oh no i wouldn’t  stop until i have it back. What u think? Is getting revenage  so wrong?

Personal views

Im still trying to understand blogging. Am i a blogger? How do i know? Well from my understanding i can write whatever the bleep i want im guessing. Which is great by the way! But i feel that i can get things off my breast as i put it when i want or feel the need too. Today was a good day though. But now i have trapped myself in my bathroom away from the kiddies. Is that bad? Well they are super busy and i need to wind down so that i can handle them. Work was cool but still has my brain fried and i cant deal with kids right away. But trust me when i come about its mama and kids loving time. I only stay away for about 10 minutes that’s not to bad😞. Well i guess this is a way of venting. Later L.

The Beginning of Me!

This was something that i feel i need to start doing for myself. Its not always i can get things of my breast(chest) so i was thinking that this could be the beginning of me! Which is the title of this first post ever. I’m hoping that by starting this i can start to make since with my life. Not that my life isn’t good but who don’t have ups and downs. Being a mother of two lovely boys and a wife to a great man but things can still be a little rocky. Well now that i have started this blog i feel that good things could come of it. I can be honest with myself there’s no place to hide but to just write. Goodnight L.