A Love Note!

I have always  thought its nice to see a note from someone  that really cares for you. Rathers it’s  a parent, child, spouse, or friend. Well my love note is to my spouse and i always send him a text before bed being that he falls alseep before me and i tell him  how much i love and appreciate  him each and everyday. Then my last words are always i love you and have a good day at work. Knowing its the first thing he gets when he wakes up just makes me feel good. He knows it before his  day starts that before i closed my eyes at night he was on my mind. Of course beside my babies. They come first. But when im having a moment  with him everything counts. Show your love one’s  you care. Send a text right now even if they are asleep. At least they know u was thinking of them on that hour. Tomorrow  is Never  Promised  to us! Cherish it! God knows i do!


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