So i never been good with understanding my dreams but this one kindof hit me. So i was taking a nap after dealing with medical issues all week and in this dream there was people around me as thought they were happy to see me doing so good. But what got me the most was when i hugged my auntie. Now ive always thought that i was affectionate but after this dream it made me feel like i wasn’t as much as i should be. I hugged her so tight i didn’t wanna let go of her.  She even said some things in the dream that stuck with me when i woke up. She said “im your auntie although in very young!lol .”(this she always pointed out) ” I love you very much” well after that I woke up. So now all day i though to myself the next time in the present of my auntie that is only 9 years older then me. I will hug and tell her just how much I love her back. Today in that dream i seen how very blessed i was to have good people in my corner.


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