Looking out the Window

Every morning i would get my son up for school, of course he gives me a hard time since him and his brother like to play at night when ots bedtime. But once he is ready for school and to go out to the corner for the bus, I would sit in the window to watch go off into this crazy world. While he’s walking im praying that God keeps his arms wrapped around my child from those that could bring him harm. Amen! Then once he is gone i would still be looking out the window and to wonder what challenges will I face today.?  Well until then i guess I will make breakfast for me and the younger one!


Personal views

Im still trying to understand blogging. Am i a blogger? How do i know? Well from my understanding i can write whatever the bleep i want im guessing. Which is great by the way! But i feel that i can get things off my breast as i put it when i want or feel the need too. Today was a good day though. But now i have trapped myself in my bathroom away from the kiddies. Is that bad? Well they are super busy and i need to wind down so that i can handle them. Work was cool but still has my brain fried and i cant deal with kids right away. But trust me when i come about its mama and kids loving time. I only stay away for about 10 minutes that’s not to bad😞. Well i guess this is a way of venting. Later L.