Chapter 3

So im still on this weight loss although it’s only been three days. So the clues to all of this is that each chapter makes another day. So when i get to chapter 15 i know that im doing something right and that’s  STICKING TO IT! My goal is to lose 78 pounds. I feel that i can do it while sharing my every minute  of struggle because i know that within those 15 days I’m  getting somewhere and make a difference. I want to love what i see. Now dont get me wrong i do love me as a women i just want to LOVE ALL OF ME!.
Being over weight isn’t fun so i took that step of making the decision  of saying enough is enough.
Well I’m out! When I’m feeling like i wanna eat something this late i just go to sleep.


A Love Note!

I have always  thought its nice to see a note from someone  that really cares for you. Rathers it’s  a parent, child, spouse, or friend. Well my love note is to my spouse and i always send him a text before bed being that he falls alseep before me and i tell him  how much i love and appreciate  him each and everyday. Then my last words are always i love you and have a good day at work. Knowing its the first thing he gets when he wakes up just makes me feel good. He knows it before his  day starts that before i closed my eyes at night he was on my mind. Of course beside my babies. They come first. But when im having a moment  with him everything counts. Show your love one’s  you care. Send a text right now even if they are asleep. At least they know u was thinking of them on that hour. Tomorrow  is Never  Promised  to us! Cherish it! God knows i do!

The start of a new journey!

The start of a new journey  that was well OVERDUE! I have decided that i want to lost weight and take it off for good this time. I have syartes many diets of course but they only last awhile once i felt like i have reached my goal. So i say that this time around it going to come off and stay off. Now i thought by me sharing my journey  it just  might help someone to want to make the change and get healthy  within  thier lives. So to those that may read and join me, I appreciate  you and lets start doing whats best for us and let the world know it.

I’m Ready To Own It



Sitting here thinking, alone isn’t  so bad meaning husband gone with his friends and kids are in there rooms watching tv and i have my room all to myself. The best feeling after a long day. Now maybe an hour feom now im gonna wish they pay my some attention.

Who am I?

This question was asked of me for a class presentation. Although  i know who i am how do you some up all the years of your life in ten slide. Do i just give the good or should there be some bad? What i have learned  is that The self which was the topic of the presentation is so much more. Understanding self esteem, self concept, self efficacy.


“?  Give me a brief in the comments if u will!

The King of Loveā¤

The heart that he was born with is so big. He has always seen the good in those that didnt see it themselves. Just to look in his eyes you know that he cares no matter what wrong you may have caused. The baby boy of the family but to them he’s the big little brother. Helpful in all ways imaginable. The one from a women’s perspective ” if he respect his mother,he will respect you”. Well that goes with out saying being that he is ” The King Of Love”. Never just thinks of himself but been told many of times that he should. With a heart like his im so glad that I could become the Queen of his heart. Night


So now that you have gotten the one who has taking everything from you and you put them where they have put you once what do you now? I guess its never over even after seeking revenge.

Missing out on love ones!

That moment when you realize that you have been left out of someones important  moment in their life just hurts my heart. Even the small things count but all you can do is move on and hope that you dont miss anything else.  I feel like i haven’t  seen  my baby brother in months, and i dont know whats new  going on. Maybe i have to do better instead of  assuming  he is do busy for me. Love ones are important  to me. Lata L.

Tv moment

Watching revenage  and to know that someone will go through  and do anything  to get back at someone that took everything  away from them. I know that if i was in the situation  where everything was talking from me i would do anything to get it back. Knowing  that your father ,mother, best friend,  and being able to bear children …. oh no i wouldn’t  stop until i have it back. What u think? Is getting revenage  so wrong?